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Herb Gardening & Vegetable Gardens Specialists.


Purchase herbs at wholesale prices.

As the growers & distributors of Herb Herbert Herbs we welcome you to an easy way of fundraising for your school, preschool, sporting club or any other non-profit organization. We can supply a range of kitchen, fragrant, herbal teas, medicinal herbs, insect repellant herbs and gourmet vegetable plants to your organization.  We also have a range of unusual herbs which people often find interesting.

We look forward to hearing from you.





Fundraising is very simple
+ earn up to 115% mark up!

1) Print an order form and collation form (with local prices and the contact details of your local Herb Herbert grower). Please select this from the navigation menu on the left hand side of this page. If your region is not listed please email us and we will contact a grower near to you.

2) It is advisable at this stage to contact your local Herb Herbert grower (details on your order form) to arrange delivery dates & arrangements and which plants you are going to offer on your order form. The grower will be able to advise you how much time they need from when you place your order with them until the plants will be ready for collection.

3) Print the order form, copy and give to your ‘helpers’.  Please note that all plants ordered by you are specially grown for you.

4) Send your ‘helpers’ out to obtain orders and collect the money,

5) Fax the collation order form to your local Herb Herbert grower,

6) Mail a copy with your cheque to us, (made out to your local Herb Herbert grower),

7) We will phone you when the order is ready for collection and finalise delivery or pick up arrangements with you.

8) Your ‘helpers’ deliver to the customers.

This fundraiser can be held at any time of the year to suit your needs.